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What will be my MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) ?
-100 pcs/per color/per style

Can I make customised product with my own logo?
-Yes, you can

If I place an order what will be the turnaround time or shipping time?
-Depends on order volume, if it is less than 500 pcs, then from date of receiving the advance – 60 days .If it is more than 500 pcs – 60/70 day from the date of receiving of receiving payment.

Is the shipment time guaranteed?
-Yes, XL gives you the shipment time guarantee depending on certain factors like weather conditions and as the leather is a natural product, availability of the perfect quality of leather.

Do you include the shipping cost in the price of the product?
-Yes if the product is FOB (Free on Board) then the shipping cost is not included, if the Shipping & Insurance is included then the price will be CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)

Is the leather certified?
-Yes, all our leather is quality certified as per CE and US norms.

Do you use child labour?
-NO, XL Enterprises has a STRICT POLICY against it. We do not support or entertain Child Labour in any form.

What is the mode of shipment?
-It maybe via Ship/Air-Depends on the customer’s choice

Do you ship orders in less than 60 days?
-Yes we do, if it is from our current stock after discussing the same with the customer.

Is your leather season tested?
-Yes, all our leather is season tested.

Do you do development for the client?
-Yes we do, but the development and the samples are chargeable.

If I float an enquiry, what is the minimum time for a response?
-Within 12hrs we will revert via email and WhatsApp.

Do you work with exotic skins?
-Exotic skins like Croc, Lizard, Ostrich, and others are prohibited by law in India and therefore cannot be used in production.

What color and print options are available?
-We can produce virtually any color matching to your color swatch specification including metallic colors.

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