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What will be my MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

-150 pcs/per color/per style

Can I make customised product with my own logo?

-Yes, you can. We can add the branding of your company to the products in your shipment as per your design.

If I place an order what will be the turnaround time or shipping time?

-Depends on order volume, if it is less than 500 pcs, then from date of receiving the advance – 60 working days. If it is more than 500 pcs – 60/70 working days from the date of receiving the advance.

Is the shipment time guaranteed?

-Yes, XL Enterprises Limited gives you the shipment time guarantee depending on certain factors like weather conditions and as the leather is a natural product, availability of the perfect quality of leather. The same is achieved most of the times except for in cases of force majeure (war, natural disasters, accidents etc).

Do you include the shipping cost in the price of the product?

-Yes. If the product is FOB (Free on Board) then the shipping cost is not included. If the Shipping & Insurance is included then the price will be CIF (Cost Insurance Freight)

Is the leather certified?

-Yes, all our leather is quality certified as per CE and US norms. We source from LWG certified tanneries.

Do you use child labour?

-NO, XL Enterprises Ltd. has a STRICT POLICY against it. We do not support or entertain Child Labour in any form.

What is the mode of shipment?

-It maybe via Ship/Air Cargo-Depends on the customer’s choice

Do you ship orders in less than 60 days?

-Yes we do, if it is from our current stock. Such shipments are dispatched after discussing the same with the customer.

Is your leather season tested?

-Yes, all our leather is season tested.

Do you do development for the client?

-Yes we do, but the development and the samples are chargeable.

If I float an enquiry, what is the minimum time for a response?

-Within 12 hrs. We usually revert via email and WhatsApp. If you want to connect with us immediately just call us up at +91 91471 27423.

Do you work with exotic skins?

-Exotic skins like Croc, Lizard, Ostrich, and others are prohibited by law in India and therefore, cannot be used in production. However, we can make replicas of same using permitted leather originals.

What color and print options are available?

-We can produce virtually any color matching to the color swatch specification provided by you. We also have options to include metallic colors. We can also match with Pantone colors.

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