Style No / Model No : CO1238

Leather : sienna

Color : Black

Dimension : 8.89 X 8.89 cm

Customization Available : Yes

3 Cigar Case (Corona) it’s an elegant and stylish accessory with a strong and determined character. It is necessary for people who love stand out with unique and special products.panatella 38ring guage (10mm).It’s completely handmade with needle and waxed thread. The guy who commissioned it wanted at all costs create a custom gift from for his father..a very great passionate of cigars.With Formal and Casual Look, Everyday Use, Birthday Gift, Festival Gift and Anniversary Gift.

It is more of traditionally made product which requires a finest craftsmanship and technique to give a final appearance of the product. Depending on different size of the cigar length and ringauge the design get produced and finally it takes shape for different variety of cigars like robusto, churchill, corona, torpedo, petit corona, panatela, senoritas etc. Why we called this a creasing case is the outer leather of the same get creased with heat embossing with the help of metal dies and a hydraulic press. Finally the products get shaped for its desired cigar length and size with the experienced hand and through expertise process.