Style No / Model No : CO210

Leather : Corona +Sienna

Color : Brown+Black

Dimension : L-7 x H-14 x D-1.8 cm

Customization Available : Yes

Features :
Accommodates 3 finger corona cigars (corona cigar length is 6 inch 124-144 mm with 42 ring gauge 16.5mm)
Can be customised for various cigars- Robusto, Churchill, Corona Torpedo, Petit Corona.

This genuine leather cigar case is handcrafted and it can hold up to 3 cigars of one’s choice. Depending on the different size of the cigar length and ring gauge the design gets produced and finally it takes shape for different varieties of cigars like Robusto, Churchill, Corona, Torpedo, Petit Corona, Panatela, Senoritas etc.

This brown corona and sienna leather combined creasing cigar cases are easy to carry in pockets and the steady structure will keep the expensive cigars safe in that where the inside PVC lining helps to retain the freshness of the product.