Style No / Model No : CO39

Leather : Crust + Cuff Antique

Color : White(Tooled) + Grey

Dimension : 7.2 x 14 x 3.1 cm

Customization Available : Yes

Features :
Accommodates up to 3 Robusto Cigars (Robusto Cigar length is 5.5 Inches-124-144 mm, with 50 ring gauge-19.8 mm)

An elegant and classic design cigar case, meet this white and grey beauty. Cigar cases are perfect gifts for every smoker. They are useful to keep the cigars safe from damage, at the same time they are fashionable and show the world that the user is serious about his cigars and its image. This robusto cigar case has two parts-the top slides onto the bottom when one slides or pushes it. it easily tucks into the inside pocket of a suit jacket. The telescopic functionality allows it to fit to different lengths of cigars in it.

This is a 3 finger robusto cigar case. It is a great combo of genuine leather and cedar wood. Cedar wood which has insulated temperature and humidity can make cigars last for many years, keep the cigar fresh and ready to smoke. It is complemented with white hand stitching to give it the ultimate finishing touch.