Style No / Model No : CO70G/P

Leather : Noir crust + dieseal

Color : White(printed) + black

Dimension : 7.2 X 14 X 3.1 cm

Customization Available : Yes

This is a fully cedar lined case to retain the humidity of cigars. This is a great combo of genuine leather and cedar wood cigar case. The functionality of this is telescopic which allows to fit different length cigars in it. It can fit at least 3 to 5 cigars so the person can even bring some extra to experience the joy of sharing. The more the merrier.

Your cigar aficionado friend will definitely appreciate a cigar holder gift from you. He would probably know more about his hobby than you do, but there are particular cigar accessories that he obviously would always need one. This one gift for anyone is may be simple but a very functional and useful one for any cigar lover who actually love cigars.

3 Finger Churchill or Corona Cedar Case. Churchill Cedar Case length will be 5 ‘ 5 ‘ inches(124mm) and the ring gauge is 50 inch(19.8mm) or Corona length is 6 inch (124-144 mm) with 42 ring gauge (16.5 mm).This case holds two cigars and is fashioned from wine-coloured leather. It holds Churchill or corona sized cigars. This rigid case has an attractive resin crown on the top of the outer sleeve.

Cigar cases make wonderful gifts whether you buy one for yourself or somebody else. They are practical because they keep cigars safe from damage; at the same time, they are fashionable and show the world that the user is serious about his cigars and image. This Blenheim Churchill Cigar Case has two parts; the top slides onto the bottom using friction. This allows you to adjust the case for longer cigars. It easily tucks into the inside pocket of a suit jacket.