Style No / Model No : SAV751

Leather : Camouflage

Color : Blue

Dimension : 21.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Customization Available : Yes

Features :
Heat-absorbing snuffer to extinguish the lit end of the cigar

Every cigar smoker has been in the dilemma, where they are halfway through a great cigar and suddenly they are forced to extinguish it.
Putting out the cigar is the only choice. But does that really mean one has to abandon their cigar in some ashtray? No way.
They will want to finish that piece of art later, so why not keep it safe- primed and ready to fire up again. Time to try out our Cigar Saver Tube.

This genuine leather covered metal Cigar Saver tube is an invaluable tool. The important thing is that the Cigar Saver works and it works well. It accommodates partially smoked cigars of all sizes. The key element is its self-adjusting spring mechanism, which features a heat-absorbing snuffer to extinguish the lit end of the cigar. The spring also pushes the cigar against the bottom of the cap, helping to reshape the wet end. The cap is screw-on to keep the tube airtight, which prevents any cigar odours from escaping. A second cap, located at the other end of the tube, is also screw-on and allows to empty the Cigar Saver tube of any ash that collects.