Style No / Model No : X 2722

Leather : HUNTER

Color : BROWN

Dimension : 195X80X40mm

Customization Available : Yes

Rolling and pipe tobacco is often sold in a plastic pouch and after purchasing the owner immediately shift the tobacco into the tobacco pouch which is latex lined so that the tobacco retain fresh for more longer time Depending on the requirement the tobacco pouches are made in different shape and sizes. The Tobacco Pouch is crafted in soft, excellent quality leathers.

It features a 2 and 3 -fold design with a deep pocket for your rolling tobacco. Here in tobacco pouch we add a pocket slot for rolling papers and a zipper pocket at the back for filters. Rolling paper sizes also depends country wise and we try maintain the requirement all the time. Some of them are designed to put only tobacco inside, while others come with extra pockets, for your pipes and other accessories that you might need.

Finally Thanks to the rubber-lined inside, your tobacco will last longer.