Style No / Model No : X 785


Color : BROWN

Dimension : 16.51×10.16 cm

Customization Available : Yes

A tobacco pouch is a pouch that used to hold tobacco. Rolling and pipe tobacco is often sold in a plastic pouch and after purchasing the owner immediately shift the tobacco into the tobacco pouch which is latex lined so that the tobacco retain fresh for more longer time Depending on the requirement the tobacco pouches are made in different shape and sizes. The Tobacco Pouch is crafted in soft, excellent quality leathers.

It features a 2 and 3 -fold design with a deep pocket for your rolling tobacco. Here in tobacco pouch we add a pocket slot for rolling papers and a zipper pocket at the back for filters. Flap over light smoker’s tobacco pouch, has a paper holder and 2 tongue flaps. Special rubber inside to keep the moisture in. Two Tone Aniline Leather Tobacco Pouch with Rubber Lining to Preserve Freshness. A Great Travel Companion Authentic Two Tone Aniline Leather and Durable Full Grain Leather Preserves Freshness with Special Rubber Lining. A thick and textured, Aniline skin leather pouch.

The tobacco pouch is a small Fold-Over, pouch with press studs and a handy paper dispenser. Lined with latex rubber, which creates a seal when the pouch is rolled back up, keeping your tobacco fresher for longer.